Internet Marketing

internetlogo1.jpgCOURSE DESCRIPTION Technology change has provided business with tremendous opportunities for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of many marketing activities. The ideas presented are designed to expose students to the many ways in which marketing concepts and issues of the day can be enhanced through effective use of the Internet and associated technologies. It will also address critical success factors required in competing effectively in an online Business to Consumer (B2C) environment. This course is strategic in nature and will deal with the application of concepts learned using research papers, industry audits and pro-bono consultancy projects for local organizations.  Heavy emphasis is placed on the commercialization of new technology and innovation through use of the internet.

COURSE OBJECTIVES For successful completion of the course, the student must meet the following objectives:

  • Students will be conversant with the terminology of this new landscape
  • Have clearer understandings of strategic business opportunities and have necessary skills in evaluating possible forms of on-line competitive advantage
  • Have reviewed critical marketing management skills
  • Understood basic web site planning, design, and strategic marketing auditing issues
  • Have identified implementation issues surrounding the move from real world to virtual world for organizations and the need for reconciling business aims and objectives with the challenge of the virtual landscape
  • Identify the regulatory and ethical issues related to Internet Marketing and incorporate this understanding in their strategic recommendations


  • 1 Research paper on one of several contemporary B2C E-marketing practices.
  • 1 Industry audit which examines the impact that the internet has had on a companies ability to provide value to it's customers.
  • 1 pro bono consultancy project for a local organization that needs assistance with its current B2B E-Commerce strategy. 
  • Weekly study aids distributed in class.
  • Focus on experiential, application based learning.
  • Comprehensive personalized feedback on performance.
  • Lecturettes and seminar based project work.
  • Focus on group presentations.
  • A fun, motivational and engaging environment. 

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