Sign on, Sign in, Sign

One of the all round frustrating issues surrounding the provision of online learning is the limitations the medium places on hearing impaired students. Streaming video has to be captioned so that it is inclusive, audio bridges between students is considered discriminatory and entire classes have to adopt text based communication as the primary means of […]

New undergraduate class offered 2008

Susan Barnes from the School of Communication and I are currently working on an innovative class offering for 2008. Online Advertising will be offered and co-taught by both of us in a traditional format (class lectures) and in the worlds largest growing virtual community (SecondLife). We are currently pursuing efforts to gain funding for the […]

Say that again? Wha? Eh?

Take a technology aimed at annoying the hell out of youngsters to stop them congregating on street corners, flip it, and market it to them. That's whats happened to a Welsh company in the UK whose product used ultra high frequency that only younger ears can hear. The company now offers a ring tone that […]

E. Philip Saunders College of Business at RIT

It's official, we're the recipient of a $13m gift and have a new name. The building is currently open to the elements (quite literally) with workers fitting the new auditoriums and preparing for the new front door. I'm really looking forward to going back to work! Students often complained about the place lacking any real […]

Stay Positive!

Finally, some evidence of what I've personally believed all along… being positive, hoping for the best, being a half full and not a half empty person – helps you live longer. Of course it does'nt really take a bloody Enistein to realise that happy people die less of unexpected heart attacks then those negative buggers […]

Cell Tracking Technology

Another interesting article that identifies the advances in cell tracking technology. Not that any of this is new as fans of the movie Ronin will be able to tell you. We've been able to triangulate phone signals from masts for some time now. However, just as the internet started out as a government project, marketers […]

Thanks Class of 20052

Just want to say thanks to my last two classes for being great. Whats great about is it seeing developments over a period of ten weeks, students ready to make some real money at the end of it 😉 one always feels the need to crack open a fine cigar and celebrate with a straight […]