Special Edition of the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising – edited by Neil Hair – forthcoming

Over the past few months I have been working away as a special edition editor for one of my favourite journals – the International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising. Edited by Dr Eldon Li the publication has had a commendable impact on the state of our understanding in the field. When I was asked […]

ICRM 2011 Redux

I finally find myself some time to reflect on the comings and goings of a busy marketing professor. The last few months have been something of a whirlwind of happenings. One highlight (of my academic life thus far in fact) was hosting the 19th International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing. This global conference is my absolute […]

Paper on website personal branding: Summer AMA 2010

I presented a paper last weekend at the Summer AMA in Boston that Chris Adams and I authored on marketing professionals perceptions of personally branded websites. It identified ten thematic areas of importance in the context of an ideal personally branded experience. The research question we posed were; what are marketing professionals perceptions of ideal […]

ICRM 2010 / 2011

One of the most useful conferences I try to attend each year – the International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing – is being held in Henley on Thames next year in sunny England (dont worry – in September, when it should still be sunny!). Vargo and Lusch aka Drs Service Dominant Logic will be in attendance […]

Cisco Innovation and Collaboration Project update

You may have noticed a few updates from me recently on the Cisco project via Twitter and Facebook feeds. I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality at which participants have spoken (sometimes candidly) about their use of social media for innovation and collaboration. The list of local, national, and truly global organizations include a […]

Announcing the Cisco Sponsored Social Media Project on Innovation and Collaboration

I am very pleased to announce a collaborative project between Henley Business School, IESI Business School and the E Philip Saunders College of Business at RIT. The project, sponsored by Cisco, is exploring through industry thought leaders the role that social media plays in assisting innovation and collaboration projects between and within organizations. My partners […]

ICMORe Conference on Personal Constructs and Business 2008

I just completed a trip to Leipzig, Germany, where I presented a paper with my colleagues at Henley Business School on a qualitative use of Repertory Grid in marketing research. The event was very successful and I came away with a greater appreciation for the quantitative use of grids in organizational and marketing research. Richard […]

Henley Business School’s 3rd Annual conference on Customer Management: Commercializing Virtual Worlds

On Thursday I simulcasted Saunders first conference presentation to delegates in the UK from within SecondLife and live over an adobe connect meeting. It went extremely well thanks to the planning of my colleagues at Henley. The topic of my presentation to the 3rd annual conference on customer management was exploring current business models in […]

Neil’s Lab Rats

Welcome to the world new secret research facility! This morning at approximately 10.05am a new facility was built in Facebook to house a motley crew of friends, alums and current students dedicated to offering themselves and their advice to Neil's all important research questions. You too can join this facility and answer occasional survey type […]