Britain gone mad?

Something is up in little Britain. The news for one. This weekend alone; 1. Runaway Scooter carries away pensioner 2. Hope the white German Shepherd mowes the lawn 3. Lap dancing Nun to perform for cardinals and bishops (my favourite) 4. Her Majesty getting upset with Italy's Berlisconi 5. Rural villagers send Google Cam packing […]

Two superior victories!

Autumn 2008 – two days ago – Didcot. Neil celebrates with his two friends the two magnificent victories against his nemisis – the evil – younger brother in the board game Axis and Allies. Whilst his brother faught long and strong, the intellectual superiority of The Master eventually triumphed. With a double Russian / UK mainland […]

Rochester gone loopy – the Lupin Festival

So, everyone's talking about purple. The street signs are suddenly purple – we even have purple cross walks. Which come in handy since there are lots of people in Rochester right now and not a lot of cars. The reason? Lupins. Too many of em. Rochesterians are pretty much Lupin crazy this time of year […]

Britain gets 1.6 inches of snow and closes.

An amusing report from the old country on last nights storm in the UK. All 1.6 inches of it has basically closed the country as both government agencies and the MET office (the UK's national weather center) issue warnings to people. In Rochester last night we got three inches – this morning the roads have […]

You know you live in Rochester when…

The weather people get all excited about the possibility of serious snow and go on about nothing else for three days. Allow me to elaborate: Thursday 13th. Weather on the 9's report the possibility of some snow over the weekend. No raised voices, no extended weather on the 9's. Friday 14th. Morning. Weather on the […]

Amerikingdom or Happy Thanksgiving

So, having recently estolled the special relationship England has in my mind with Canada I came across an article from the BBC reflecting on Prime Minister Brown's position on UK foreign policy (the BBC is by far my favourite news site DESPITE the recent decision to pursue advertising as a means of generating revenue). I […]