Advanced Internet Marketing – first for RIT / Saunders College of Business

As part of a major repositioning of our New Media Marketing and Marketing programs the college launched its first offering of Advanced Internet Marketing this quarter. As some of my former tweets indicate – I am the rather proud instructor of this course having drawn advice in its construction from a collective of dynamic marketing […]

Mobile functionality added!

So increasingly, stats point towards greater numbers of mobile (cell for our American friends) viewers visiting my site. So – the solution? WPtouch plugin that prepares your site for mobile users. The results are pretty good! I like the option of being able to toggle between mobile and full blown site within your phones browser. […]


It’s perhaps overdue but a major renovation to is finally ready for public viewing. Developments in plugins for wordpress and the link have finally given me sufficient warrant to make the change to a 4.0 major upgrade. 3.0 was a welcome enhancement from 2.0 back in the day and I look on 1.0 with […]

Commercializing Virtual Worlds ONLINE First at RIT

This quarter I was lucky enough to lead a virtual expedition to a number of virtual worlds including those of Lego Universe, World of Warcraft, SecondLife, eharmony,, and one of the Furry communities. As part of a Provost’s Learning and Innovation Grant from 2011 I put together the worlds first course on Commercializing Virtual […]

Education Futures, Facuty showcase at RIT: Innovating the provision of experiential learning in online executive education

RIT’s Saunders College of Business launched it’s online EMBA program about three years ago with the express intention of innovating the provision of online education for executives. Top among those innovations are the use of highly immersive, interactive experiential approaches. Unlike our regular MBA and undergraduate business programs, executives bring with them a set of […]

Forward thinking – tips and tricks from RIT’s nomenklature

I recently had the pleasure of serving on a panel of RIT forward thinkers for the Wallace Center at RIT. Liz Lawley, Enid Cardinal, Ryne Raffaelle and Mike Johansson gathered with the purpose of identifying top practices or tips for forward thinking. Several gems were shared including; 1. Consider your network sacred – it holds […]

ICRM 2011 Redux

I finally find myself some time to reflect on the comings and goings of a busy marketing professor. The last few months have been something of a whirlwind of happenings. One highlight (of my academic life thus far in fact) was hosting the 19th International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing. This global conference is my absolute […]

Angry Neil in Buffalo

Looking forward to meeting Alums on the 3rd November where I'll present my personal branding diagnostic for digital realms. This is one of the areas where I feel we as a college might better prepare graduates and alums alike. I last lectured on this topic back in NYC to a packed house of former students and […]