It’s perhaps overdue but a major renovation to neilhair.com is finally ready for public viewing. Developments in plugins for wordpress and the link have finally given me sufficient warrant to make the change to a 4.0 major upgrade. 3.0 was a welcome enhancement from 2.0 back in the day and I look on 1.0 with rose tinted spectacles (but do not miss the html lessons, or use of ftp uploads). So with it comes new functionality and a new look. I am particularly fond of word clouds for tags and categories which you can now see 3D manifestations there of. I am also interested in the new functionality of wordpress stats that go with the new site. And I have to admit I’m learning as I go with it, but JetPack seems like a very good addition to the cant be bothered with html or css code head approaches to site design. But wait! I’m not done yet however, plans to integrate my youtube series of lectures and updates for alums, make better use of my twitter feeds and relationships, and continue to integrate across major social channels like LinkedIn and of course facebook. I’m still waiting on google+ to reach critical mass before investing large amounts of time in it, and playing with pinterest amongst other projects.

So let me know what you like and how it might be enhanced. I am particularly interested in any MUST HAVE plugins for wordpress you’re aware of as well as ideas on content you’d like my opinions on.


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Dr Hair is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the E Philip Saunders College of Business at RIT.

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Dr Neil Hair
I am a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Business. I teach a range of classes which focus on the use of the internet in enhancing business to consumer, business to business and consumer to consumer experiences. My research looks at how and why people form bonds in electronic communities, brand equity, and students positive learning experiences.

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