Xoom tablet love fest

Xoom tablet love fest

Xoom lovely lovelyJust when I thought there was no further gas left in Neil's tank of technology love enter the Xoom. I've been anticipating this  moment for some time for the following reasons. 1. I want a portable device that will let me connect to Adobe Connect sessions wherever I need to connect. 2. I'm keen to explore the implications of this technology with the latest secondlife apps – whilst not perfect, the open source community have been doing wonderful things to bring this world to the tablet. 3. Portability, with an hdmi out link its possible to use this for practically any task, presentations (once we move towards the latest projection units at RIT!) demonstrations, even games (stay away from fruit slice is my advice). 4. the input of the Xoom is excellent, I'm touch typing on this as we speak. 5. My fave.. it supports flash. I mean seriously Steve – the 80's called – fix your operating system before you lose any further ground in this race. 6. The screen, speed of response, quality of camera, sound dock, clean lines and overall sexiness (it's black) really impress me. Overall assessment – rather pleased with this acquisition. With respect to possible enhancements, there aren't many. Mostly these relate to applications. I'm looking forward to skype mobile with video for the Xoom, forward facing camera options for Adobe Connect, fruit slice two, and an absence of oily fingers. Dress gloves of course are optional in the use of this machine but recommended.

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Dr Hair is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the E Philip Saunders College of Business at RIT.

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I am a professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Business. I teach a range of classes which focus on the use of the internet in enhancing business to consumer, business to business and consumer to consumer experiences. My research looks at how and why people form bonds in electronic communities, brand equity, and students positive learning experiences.


  • Singh on June 5, 2011

    Hi Neil,

    how is the Xoom holding up so far? I wanted to take the plunge but there are a slew of devices coming to the market with the same form factor and within the next month or so. I am anxiously looking forward to compare the Xoom with the Samsung Galaxy..

  • Ben Woelk on June 11, 2011

    You know, you’re causing a certain amount of tablet-envy here.

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