Honey Brown – local winner

Honey Brown – local winner

My Honey!My favourite local beer (yes I'll admit it – its up there with the best of British beer in my humble opinion) won the third annual Final Pour competition held by someone I dont know in a house Im not aware of. The competition was an altered form of March Madness (I am told something to do with putting balls into nets? – strange custom but there you go) where guests bring a different variety of beers that they think their fellow guests will enjoy. You sample, you vote, and before long you have a final four. You get the picture. As I am currently in the midst of closing on a house, marking mid-term papers and dealing with a number of family issues here and back in the homeland – I occasionally allow myself to imagine R&R (thats rest and relaxation – not revise and resubmit) events. A wonderful idea if you ask me and I very much look forward to throwing my own final pour contest in the summer. I expect Honey Brown to do well once again.

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